Friday, August 28, 2009

The Summer Museum Tour

While John was (still) busy with boards related things, the kids and i headed to my parents house for a week. During that week, we hit 3 different "play museums" with the kids. They got to touch all sorts of marine life including sharks, ride in manned maneuvering units, and learn about holograms. They played with colorful shadows, built huge structures with PVC pipes, and learned how wind moves objects. They watched butterflies emerge from a chrysalises in a butterfly garden and touched madagascar hissing cockroaches. They experiemented with arch structures, orbits, and mirrors. But most of all, they learned that their Gritty can have a lot of fun playing with the toys too! Thanks for such a great gift mom! We have used the museum membership pass at 4 different museums in the past month, and LOVED every minute of it. Education beyond what the classroom can offer!


  1. You guys have had an awesome summer! Time with Grandma, museums, a new niece, camping! Whew Amy, I have no idea where you find the energy! Maybe now that the kids are back in school you can breathe. :) Still looking forward to a play date soon.

  2. Amy, simply put, YOU ROCK!!

    I love all of the pictures. The one of the boys in the shark tank (complete with a shark devouring a victim) is totally cracking me up! My boys would dig hissing cockroaches.